December 12, 2013


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  • The fragrance that does both


                            Sleep Commercial                                            2-in-1 fragrance + bug repeller                        The Bug Spray That Smells Nice
  • We love getting fun press - featuring our new purser bottle

    Check out this beautiful picture that just came online today. Thanks to #psfk and specifically to @leahgonz for such a great piece right before the Christmas Holiday.



    Gearing up for our trip to Belize and we are absolutely going to stock a bag full of pursers for this trip! More to come about our upcoming adventure. Here is a cool list of 25 things Belize is knows for, including having the larges #cave system in Central America:


    1.) Best place to view whale sharks: The waters off the coast of Belize are visited by the mighty whale sharks, the largest fish, between April and July every year. These gentle giants are harmless to humans and can be viewed from either above or below the surface of the water.

    2.) Howler monkeys: The rainforests of Belize are home to a species of monkeys called howler monkeys that live in the canopies and howl so loudly that they can be heard from miles away. They are among the ten loudest animals in the world.

    3.) The only known jaguar reserve in the world: Although the elusive and mighty jaguar’s territory stretches from Mexico in the north to the rainforests of Brazil in the south, Belize has the only known jaguar reserve in the world. This makes it the ideal place for viewing the famed cats.

    4.) Over 500 species of birds: The rainforests of Belize are home to over 500 species of birds. This makes it the country with the largest species of birds.

    5.) Belize’s national animal: Baird’s tapir, the largest land mammal in the region, is the National Animal of Belize and it is protected by law. This semi-aquatic animal is related to the horse and rhinoceros.



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