May 05, 2014


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  • Seasonal & Insect Allergies: Potential Ways to Treat and Even Prevent

    Seasonal & Insect Allergies: Potential Ways to Treat and Even Prevent


    It's that time of year again... the season of sniffles, watery eyes, and congestion. No matter how happy you are to see the brutal winter gone, the beginning of spring is always the least anticipated by allergy sufferers like me. Seasonal allergies are basically the equivalent to a month-long cold. Therefore, I must resort to the Zyrtec Gods once again for relief from this dreaded season. Unfortunately, remembering to take my Zyrtec before venturing out into pollen-filled air isn't always the easiest task to complete (especially when there are a million other things on my mind). Although there is no cure for my forgetfulness, there are several preventative steps that we can take to make this allergy season more bearable.


    Natural Ways:


    -Neti pots: These are great for rinsing out your naval cavity -- helping to flush out allergens, while loosening your mucus (sounds good, right?).


    -Local honey: Eating honey produced by bees in your region can help relieve your allergies. The theory is that if you consume pollen-laced honey, you may produce an immunity against the irritating effects of pollen. 


    -Supplements: Butterbur (, an herbal supplement, is proven to help in allergy relief by reducing airway inflammation.


    -Steam: A steaming hot shower provides instant relief, helping to clear out sinuses and nasal passages after a long day out and about. Adding eucalyptus oil helps to enhance the steam inhalation process.


    -Spicy foods: Load up on that Sriracha, wasabi, and Dijon mustard to experience temporary decongestant relief.   


    Springtime and seasonal allergies come and go, but unfortunately some people have allergies that can occur at any point throughout the year (food, insect, and medicine allergies). As summertime (humid and warm weather) is rapidly approaching, so is mosquito season. While the average person experiences a little swelling when bit, those who severely are allergic to mosquito bites will experience swelling in their entire arm or leg and full-body hives. In the most severe of cases, people can even experience life-threatening anaphylaxis. That being said, here are some important things to know in order to prepare for mosquito season: 


    What to know:


    -Most bites occur at dusk or dawn when mosquitos are most active.

    -Male mosquitos are harmless and won't bite (not that you could really tell).

    -A female mosquito finds her victim by using scent to pick up on exhaled carbon dioxide and the chemicals in one's sweat.

    -The more times a person is bitten, the more likely he/she will become sensitized over time -- meaning adults are less likely to have bad reactions to mosquito bites in comparison to children.


    People who are more susceptible to mosquito bites:



    -People who are overweight

    -People with type O blood

    -People who are hot (as in sweaty) / wearing dark colors (which absorbs heat)

    -Pregnant women

    -Those who wear perfume 

    -People who consumer alcoholic beverages when outdoors


    Symptoms of allergic reaction:


    -Itching near bite



    -Hives that appear at the site of old and new bites

    -Anaphylactic shock (this is very rare)


    Basically, in order to avoid the wrath of mosquitos this summer, don't wear dark colors, shower, and make sure to coat yourself in Aromaflage before heading outdoors! You'll smell great too.


    To health, long life, and living naturally,


    Mikey & Momo









     (This blog is not meant at medical advice. Please see your Doctor for medical advice and to get a better grip on your allergies and health).

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