May 23, 2014


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  • Happy Memorial Day Weekend

    Memorial Day Weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. The weather is turning for the better, days are longer, the air smells of delicious grilled goodies, and families spend quality time together. Spring also means allergies and ;)
    We wanted to share a blog post from our partner Muskoka Living up in Canada about Repelling Mosquitoes the Chemical-Free Way.
    Have a safe and happy weekend, make sure to protect your bodies, and get outside - enjoy life!
    To health, long life, and living naturally,
    Mikey & Momo

    Repelling Muskoka Mosquitos the Chemical-Free Way.    

    Deet. Otherwise known as a necessary evil in Muskoka and other cottage country areas across Canada. For many years people have relied on Deet to stave off mosquitos, black flies, horse flies and deer flies. I myself can attest to its effectiveness but in light of our knowledge of how dangerous this chemical is to our health, deet seems somewhat archaic. So, we continue our quest of finding other, friendlier ways to fight off these annoying, biting insects.

    Enter organic, environmentally friendly, non-toxic sprays, lotions and potions. It was a good idea in the beginning with very little actual success. As demand has rapidly grown and research continues we see new and improved products popping up everywhere (let’s celebrate here) that actually work to keep bugs at bay. 

    Graydon Outdoor SprayGraydon Outdoor Spray Natural Bug Repellent For Muskoka Cottage

    Based on a traditional Métis recipe, this all natural, plant powered bug repellent has undergone efficacy testing at The University of Guelph. It is non-irritating, unscented and best of all works amazingly well to keep critters away from you. It is safe for kids and pets and even contains therapeutic oils to help condition your skin!  Order it online at

    Also, in Graydon's anti-bug kit is her Outdoor Aromablend which contains a combination of essential oils including lemongrass, geranium, peppermint and patchouli, the combination of which is not appealing to bugs but is good smelling to humans (thankfully not reminiscent of the smell of citronella). You can add it into the Outdoor Spray for an added boost of aromatic protection. Check out Graydon's full line of locally made (Toronto) natural skin care products here.

    Meow Meow TweetMeow Meow Tweet All Natural Insect Repellent for everyone at the cottage in Muskoka

    Not just a catchy name and a fun label. Meow Meow Tweet's all natural insect repellent is powerful enough to combat prehistoric mosquitoes without toxic chemicals. Plant-based essential oils combine with natural skin toners to create a body mist that can be sprayed directly onto skin, hair, and clothes. What do they use in the ingredients you ask? Grain alcohol, wild harvested witch hazel, lavender water, apple cider vinegar, plus essential oils of citronella, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, cedar wood and fir needle. Sounds like a great Muskoka cocktail to keep the mozzies away. 


    I just love this couple’s story. Who doesn’t support innovation and sustainability? And it sounds so simple. Go to Asia, discover a natural bug repellent. Introduce it to the Western world and voila. A great idea is born. Having visited many places around the world where Malaria and Dengue Fever are prevalent, I am a huge fan. No more scrubbing skin free of deet at the end of the day. And Good Bye to carrying around a can of OFF! The Aromaflage insect repellent doubles as an exotic, natural fragrance. Add to that the designer candle in holders from Italy and the posh fragrance bottles designed in the South of France, decorated with 24 karat gold. Outdoor chic….Aromaflage is perfect for the discerning Muskoka cottage owner. 

    Aromaflage.  Environmentally and user friendly insect repellent for the whole family at home or the cottage in Muskoka. 
    Armed with some or all of these natural repellents; bugs don't stand a chance!  The products mentioned here are available at The Health Hut Boutique in Port Carling and online at:  Happy bug repelling Muskoka!

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