June 13, 2014


  • The fragrance that does both


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  • JHU Geeks Rock Affinity - Epic Stories

    Last night, we had the pleasure and honor of returning to our alma mater, Johns Hopkins University. Speakers included and Costlow of Sofi's Crepes, Frederick Abramson of Fresh Start Science, Sarah Hemminger of Incentive Mentoring Program, Clarence Wooten, serial entrepreneur, and yours truly, Mikey & MoMo. (Bios can be seen here: http://alumni.jhu.edu/geeksrocklaunch/bios)
    We were instructed to talk about lessons, nightmares, adventures, and stories about our journeys. The evening was a true success. The room was filled with interesting people spanning from faculty to students to professionals and even some investors lurked among us. We enjoyed intelligent conversation and the true willingness of others to openly share their difficult stories made for a candid experience.

    We want to thank #geeksrock and the #JHU affinity group for putting such a terrific event together.


    Enjoy a safe and healthy Father's Day Weekend.

    To health, long life, and living naturally,

    Mikey & Momo

    "Geeks Rock!" Affinity Group Launch Event “Real Entrepreneur Stories: Nightmares and Inspirations” June 12, 2014

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