July 08, 2014


  • The fragrance that does both


                            Sleep Commercial                                            2-in-1 fragrance + bug repeller                        The Bug Spray That Smells Nice
  • The Sweet Smell of Summer

    The smell of a neighbor’s grill means summer is here in full force. So is grilling season! There’s nothing better than fresh grilled veggies and a filet of bass hooked that afternoon. It takes a certain finesse to perfect the art of grilling. There’s always the gas versus charcoal debate. Personally, I always use gas because charcoal grills emits more carbon monoxide (gas is also much quicker and nobody wants to be around when the crowd gets HANGRY). Given the option, I would rather have a smaller carbon footprint. I also always clean my grill after I preheat it so that the charred debris from previous grill sessions can be removed easily. I recommend that you clean it right after as well.

    The best way to know whether your meat is fully cooked is checking its internal temperature with an instant read thermometer. In this day and age there are so many things you can find online (e.g., grilling tips, recipes for marinades, healthy and delicious snacks).

    If you would like more tips on grilling then check out our twitter @Aromaflage!

    This weekend is also a chance to spend time with your family. There are so many activities that you can do together outdoors like badminton, soccer (World Cup plans anyone?), frisbee, and anything around a pool, ocean, or fountain to make sure you keep your body temperature under control. Remember to hydrate often. Have a blast out there and be safe. Send us your best grilling ideas and recipes. After all, sharing is caring! 


    To health, long life, and living naturally,

    Mikey & Momo

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