July 21, 2014


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  • Summer Is In Full Swing

    Monday July 21st, 2014

    From Northern Maine down to the Florida Keys and from Upper Minnesota across to the Canadian borders of New York, the summer season is in full swing in the Northern hemisphere of our home country, affectionately known to many as “America the Beautiful.” Anyone who has spent their precious July and August months along the East Coast or the Great Lakes knows that the mid-summer months require an element of preparation for and acceptance of somewhat unpredictable tropical weather patterns.


    At Aromaflage HQ, when we think back to the summers of our childhoods, we remember days of almost unbearable heat and humidity…The kind of days when survival outdoors required access to shady retreats and clean sources of water. Since we were kids, we spent our summer months at sleepaway camps and sometimes even water parks as well as visiting friends and family at homes with access to pools, ponds, beaches, and lakes - I personally love those tire swings hanging high over fresh and freezing lake waters. When we think back to those experiences, a certain, less pleasurable feature comes to mind: bugs -- especially mosquitoes, bzzzzzzing in our ears.

    What kind of memories do you have from your childhood summers?

    It is probably safe to assume that few, if any, people have fond memories of being pestered by the soft-winged insects that thrive in the Northern hemisphere during our summer months. Certain insect species are simply inconvenient and may just scare us a bit, like beatles. Sometimes just their name makes us want to run for cover and hide. But nothing quite compares to the inconvenience of mosquito bites. The little blood suckers are often so tiny and quick that we don’t notice one until it’s too late and we are left scratching, almost obsessively, and hoping that we won’t be the next victim of an outbreak of mosquito-borne infection--like West Nile or, even worse, Dengue Fever.

    With the increasing rate of climate change since the industrial revolution, the weather patterns in the Northern hemisphere of the United States have become at times more extreme and more unpredictable. In recent memory, we’ve even had heat waves and hurricanes that have wreaked havoc on some of our most populated American cities. As traditionally tropical weather moves further North, along with it comes the mosquitos and other pesty, soft-winged bugs. We hope that our line of Aromaflage products can help alleviate the nuisance of these insects so that you can continue to enjoy your summertime outdoors!





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