November 18, 2014


  • The fragrance that does both


                            Sleep Commercial                                            2-in-1 fragrance + bug repeller                        The Bug Spray That Smells Nice


  • What are your winter vacation plans?

    4 inches of snow this past weekend in the Poconos was pretty, but we were excitedly packing our suitcases and anticipating a warm getaway to Nevis this December. Then we found this fun article on a really cool blog, so we had to share it and find out what some of your winter plans are. Send in your ideas for an amazing winter vacation. We will feature the best story (w pictures if you are so inclined) in a January blog.

    The product you NEED to bring on your winter vacation

    Ok, so it’s November. Which means it’s officially winter (don’t tell me what I KNOW, winter solstice) and in celebration I’m already freezing and piling on every sweater I own. I’ve also recently discovered I don’t own enough sweaters.

    You’d think living in the great white north for 25 years my body would adjust to cold weather. No such luck. In order to avoid the inevitable winter blues I spend my days daydreaming about vacations: the buzzing haze of sweltering air while I lounge in the sun. Then I remember the bugs. For some reason I am a constant subject of interest for all spindly legged creatures of the heat. I needed to find something to keep these creatures at bay to bring on my dream vacay to reality. In my dream I plan my escape, tossing in my getaway bag all the essentials: SPF products, my favourite wildfox sunnies and Aromaflage. Wait — what?

    As is the place I find most of my new favourite products, Jacob & Sebastian in Toronto carry something I’d never seen or heard of: Aromaflage — luxury bug spray.




    Online publications like vanity fair and caught onto this gem early. A bug spray/perfume hybrid of our dreams. It’s the product that brings glamour to your picnic, wedding or in my case: MUCH needed winter vacay. It even contains vitamin E to keep your skin soft.

    This product is the epitome of combining gorgeous design and function. The first time I spotted this product, I thought it was a fragrance. Only after reading the package did I realize its intended use. So what does it smell like? Citrus, mixed with a woodsy cedar, and smooth vanilla. It’s gorgeous, not too strong and every girl’s dream alternative to gross chemical bug spray.

    The sillage is pretty great, I found the scent wears from 3-5 hours. Three hours being fairly strong, like a perfume and into hour five it blended nicely with my skin so you could still catch the scent if you leaned in close.

    How can something smell SO good, contain no DEET, parabens or sulphates, but still work? They tested this in the rice paddies of southeast Asia and it stood up to that — so I think it’s safe to say it can withstand your tropical vacation. They even created the spray with the same botanical essential oils that have been used for centuries to repel bugs –  that’s history put to good use!

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