July 04, 2017


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  • 5 Foods to Avoid At Your Fourth of July BBQ

    Fourth of July is coming up, and you know what that means: more BBQs than you can count. For most of us, this holiday usually consists of greasy burgers, tons of carbs, and too many beers that'll leave you feeling bloated and sluggish. Contrary to popular belief, it is totally possible to enjoy a BBQ with some healthier choices that don't include excessive calories and fat. Here's a list of 5 foods to avoid at your next Fourth of July BBQ:
    1. Beans
    Whether they're canned, baked, or refried, beans are the go-to side for any classic BBQ bash. Even though they're super delicious and full of protein, beans cause bloating and, dare I say it, gas. This can cause a lot of discomfort, especially for people with sensitive stomachs. Just in case you can't resist that chili with extra beans, try eating foods with probiotics, like yogurt, which help to de-bloat. 
    2. Red Meat/Processed Meats
    This one might offend some people. There's nothing better than firing up the grill and cooking up some juicy steaks and hot dogs for the holiday. However, eating red meat has been linked to a number of diseases, such as heart disease and kidney failure, not to mention the high risk of e. coli. Hot dogs, although a Fourth of July staple, are usually just a blend of mystery meats packed with sodium and fat that your body certainly won't appreciate. Try a delicious turkey burger or grilled chicken instead.
    3. Sugary Drinks/Cocktails
    On a hot summer day, there's nothing better than a cold lemonade to wash down all that delicious food. But many sodas and bottled drinks can contain up to three times the recommended daily sugar intake. This can lead to diabetes as well as obesity, which has skyrocketed nationwide in the past few years. Also, try avoiding drinks that say "sugar-free" or "fat-free." These typically have artificial sweeteners with effects that are just as bad. Water is the best choice. Try adding some lemons and frozen berries for a refreshingly sweet taste. 
    4. Ketchup
    America's favorite condiment- ketchup. Growing up, we were taught that ketchup is made of tomatoes, so it has to be healthy! Actually, ketchup contains large amounts of salt and sugar, which can exceed your recommended daily amount and lead to weight gain. Opt for some sriracha instead for a zesty and delicious flavor!
    5. Fried Foods
    Fried chicken, french fries, corn dogs. The list of delicious fried foods goes on and on. Not only does frying foods usually involve hydrogenated oils high in fat, but it also ups the calorie content. They also contain higher sodium levels. Instead, try baking, steaming, or grilling your foods. Just another reason to use that grill this Fourth of July! 

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