January 04, 2017


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  • 6 Bedtime Habits for Better Sleep

    6 Bedtime Habits for Better Sleep

    Our Guide to Getting the Best Sleep of Your Life!


    Contributing author:
    Megan Thompson of Rocky Mountain Essentials

    Okay so given the fact that we live in a techno world that never sleeps (nowadays many services and even some restaurants are open 24/7), it’s kind of hard NOT to have trouble sleeping.

    There may also be other issues at play such as, among others, the quality of your mattress, the temperature of your bedroom, or the fact that your partner’s snoring sounds like a motorcycle engine revving up. Whatever the reason(s) for bad sleeping habits, we are here offer a few productive tips to get you back on a healthy, sleep-like-a-rock, routine.

    There are a many simple adjustments you can start incorporating into your routine to help you get better quality snooze time. Today we will highlight 6 simple bedtime habits that will help promote a better night’s sleep.

    6 Habits for Better Sleep…let the deep Zzz’s commence 

    #1 Stop Screen Time Before Bed

    If you take your phone into your bedroom at night (who hasn’t?), it’s a great idea to stop that addiction right now. The same goes for televisions in the bedroom. Electronic devices just aren’t beneficial for our sleep cycles, and learning to banish them from the bedroom is one of the best habits you can pick up in order to promote more restful sleep. If you don’t believe us, you can go ahead and check out this study, which shows that light which stimulates our eyes after sunset inhibits the production of melatonin, the very thing we need more of to sleep more soundly.

    #2 Iron Out any Problems You Have With Your Partner – or others

    We are not talking about the tiffs and hang-ups that are a natural occurrence in any relationship, but rather the idea of one partner keeping the other awake at night. Couples that sleep in the same bed may move around a lot at night, which can disturb your sleep even though these movements might be minuscule. The biggest hurdle here is ensuring that your bed is actually big enough to allow both of you to sleep as comfortably as possible. 

    #3 Create and Stick to a Sleep Schedule (Much easier said than done, but worth a try)

    Sleep schedules were strictly invented to help babies sleep through the night, or to help toddlers transition off their daytime naps. The truth is that we all need solid sleep schedules, schedules that are easy to stick to. Make sure you get to bed early during weeknights, since trying to catch up on lost sleep over weekends may actually be harmful to your health in the long run. Love thy body.


    #4 Try Pre-Bed Workouts (different levels of rigor may do the opposite)

    Sure, working up a sweat on a daily basis does help you get better sleep, but may people do not have time to fit in a daily exercise routine (no better time that now to implement that discipline). By incorporating a quick 10 minute pre-bed workout routine into your daily schedule, you will be ensuring that your muscles are relaxed (even stretching helps, especially yoga), which will help your mind drift off to la-la land sans issues. Just make sure that you are not doing any overly strenuous exercises, since that will likely have the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve. Routines that include moves similar to Pilates or yoga should work perfectly.


    #5 Meditate for Better Sleep (Wooo-Saahhhh)

    Meditation before bed can help you get rid stress that has built up during the day, and it may also greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Some people do not dig the idea of mediation, which is fine. If you are not a meditator, try some other relaxing techniques such as deep breathing or writing in a journal – data dump. The whole idea here is to create a space and time where you can reflect on the day and get yourself to a higher level of awareness. It may take a little bit of practice, but even scribbling can help you switch off and drift peacefully off to dreamland. See how to meditate here: https://goldmountainbeauty.com/blogs/news/tips-for-deepening-your-meditation-practice


    #6 Stop Eating a Few Hours Before Bed

    Getting up for something to eat in the night (hello, midnight feasts!) or even grabbing a snack on your way to the bedroom can be seriously tempting, but if you are keen on getting in some good quality sleep (and keeping those abs tight), just skip the idea altogether. The big problem is that we often consume foods that are very high in sugar when we crave a snack, and we ALL know what sugar does to our sleep quality.


    Final Thoughts – A little discipline goes a long way

    Creating new bedtime habits can be a challenging idea to get to grips with initially, but at the end of the day, it will all be worth it once you start reaping those sweet rewards. Remember that all good things take time to work and it’s okay if you find it hard to commit to all of these in one go. Take it step by step, and never forget the bigger picture (long term health and happiness). We hope that you have enjoyed reading these tips and tricks, and that you’re now ready to start a brave new adventure and finally conquer the sleep issues that have been keeping the best you suppressed all this time!


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