December 10, 2015


  • The fragrance that does both


                            Sleep Commercial                                            2-in-1 fragrance + bug repeller                        The Bug Spray That Smells Nice
  • Our Story Behind Aromaflage's New Botanical Sleep Fragrance

    Aromaflage Sleep Fragrance
    I love sleeping. The harder I push myself and my brain, the more it seems I need to relax at night, wind down, and stick to somewhat of a routine to increase the probability of truly restful sleep. I tried many pillow sprays and was never satisfied. They were either too sweet, too strong, stained my pillow or did not work.

    We worked with our fragrance house and sourced incredibly high quality, natural essential oils to create a line of sleep fragrances (our goal was one that we truly loved). After rigorously testing each one for weeks on end and eliminating the ones that did not hold up, we came upon our newest functional fragrance, Aromaflage botanical sleep fragrance. 1-2 sprays on my neck/pillow, three deep calming breaths, and lights out for me.

    Getting sufficient rest is critical to one's long-term health. For me, and for many people I speak with, having a sleep routine helps to soothe one's mind from a long and hectic day of work, travel and headaches. I realize that you probably get more than your weekly quota of annoying emails every single day, and you deal with more small nuisances than you should have to. That is just life these days. Too many distractions, too many things screaming out for your attention span. Your bedroom is your sacred place - devoid of technology, devoid of the outside, and a place for you to zen out and earn your energy back.

    Enjoy Aromaflage sleep, sleep better, feel rested and go conquer the world.

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