July 20, 2017


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  • 8 Summer Beach Essentials

    8 Summer Essentials to Bring to the Beach:
    After a long week at the office, what's better than driving down to the beach and soaking up the summer sun? While you're packing your cute swimsuit and shades, don't forget these 8 beach essentials:
    1. Tanning oil with SPF over 45
    The most important thing you can bring to the beach is protection. SPF helps protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays, which can cause skin cancer as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Although most people opt for products with a high SPF, you really only need about 45. Try looking for a tanning oil with an SPF of 45 so you get protection as well as a sunkissed glow.
    2. Lip Balm with SPF
    If you're protecting the rest of your body, why not protect your lips? The hot sun and salty ocean can leave your lips feeling dry and cracked. Moisturize and keep those lips kissably soft with the lip balm of your choice. Just look for SPF on the packaging.
    3. Reusable Water Bottle
    It's so important to stay hydrated at the beach. Whether it's tanning under the beaming sun or going for a swim under the waves, your body needs to refuel. Pack a reusable water bottle. This will allow you to fill it up as many times as you please, plus you'll be helping the earth by not using plastic bottles! It's a win-win.
    4. Non-Perishable Foods
    As important it is to stay hydrated, it's also important to fuel your body with good foods. Although cold cut sandwiches are a staple for many at the beach, bringing non-perishable food items will save you from dragging along that heavy cooler. Try bringing chopped veggies, pb&js, or trail mix. All of these will give you lasting energy without needing refrigeration.
    5. Waterproof Beach Bag
    Of course, all these things need to go in something. Bringing a waterproof beach bag ensures your bag and belongings won't get damaged. Peace of mind while you're having fun!
    6. Waterproof Phone Case
    If you love the look of underwater photos, try out a waterproof phone case. It's perfect for taking awesome shots at the beach or pool and you'll get some serious likes on your Instagram. 
    7. Portable Charger
    After all those cool photos are taken, your phone gives up on you. With a portable charger, this won't be a problem. Looking for an outlet while you're trying to enjoy your beach day can be a damper. With portable chargers, you can just plug them into your phone and carry on with the endless underwater pics.
    8. Aromaflage Purser
    Finally, protect yourself from pesky bugs and smell great while doing it. Add a bit of Aromaflage before laying out. Your family will thank you.

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