June 28, 2017


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  • Bug magnets: What attracts those pesky mosquitoes?

    It's the beginning of summer and you head outside with a smile, ready for the warm rays of the sun to paint your body. When you least expect it, mosquitoes track you down and send you swatting and running for cover.

    Why does this happen? How do these pesky mosquitoes find you in the first place? To find out, let's take a look at the science behind mosquito behavior.

    Carbon Dioxide:
    It's quite simple actually. Mosquitoes can detect the carbon dioxide in the air you exhale. If you exercise, you tend to exhale more air thereby attracting more mosquitoes. They can smell your sweat.

    Mosquitoes usually zero in on the areas of the skin where the blood is close to the surface. They detect heat to find these areas, which is often located near the forehead, wrists, elbows and neck.

    According to some studies, dark colored clothing can attract the attention of mosquitoes. It stands out against the background, marking you as a target. Additionally, movement can also be detected by mosquitoes.

    Body Odor:
    On the skin, a large number of chemical compounds and bacteria can produce sweat that attracts mosquitoes. It's even said that some foods can produce compounds that are favored by mosquitoes. However, no direct link has been found between specific foods and mosquitoes.

    Lastly, it is genetics at work. Some people attract more mosquitoes than others. Also, there are people who don't react as negatively to bites as the rest of the population.
    It turns out that it is a combination of multiple factors that results in mosquito bites. It also differs between different species of mosquitoes. Protect yourself from these pesky bugs with insect repellent.

    Aromaflage and Aromaflage Wild are all-natural botanical fragrances and insect repellents that keep your summers bug-free.

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