June 06, 2017


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  • Dressing up for a Bug-Free Summer

    It's summer...well, close to it! Previously, we discussed DIY summer projects for your home. Let's now take a look at summer fashion that's tailored to the bug season.

    While making travel plans for the season, remember to pack appropriate clothing. Bug-free clothing doesn't have to be unfashionable. Here are some tips on looking good while staying bug-free outdoors.

    Color Camouflage:

    Mosquitoes are known to be attracted to dark colors. It's because dark colors (e.g., black/blue) stand out more.

    Opt for lighter shades during the summer. Neutral colors are also advisable. It might not keep the bugs away completely but it can help in reducing the number of bites, and heat absorption.

    Picture credit: nordstrom.com

    Fabric Armor:

    Tightly-woven fabrics can work as a physical shield preventing mosquitoes from biting you. However, most fabrics like these might not be suitable for the higher temperatures of summer.

    Go for lighter fabrics like tightly-woven cotton that work well during these warmer months.


    Picture credit: shopluckyduck.com

    Clothing Defense:

    Loose-fitting clothing can help in reducing the possibility of mosquito bites. Creating a gap between the cloth and your skin, loose-fitting clothing ensures that mosquitoes cannot reach the skin easily.

    Loose-fitting clothing also helps keep you cool in humid conditions, making it smart summer-wear.

    Picture credit: forelyse.com

    Hot Spots:

    Mosquitoes are known to be attracted to parts of the body which have blood vessels close to the surface like ears, wrists and ankles.

    Wear tops with long sleeves to keep your wrists covered and protected.

    Picture credit: merricksart.com

    Socks can be used as fashion accessories while also covering your ankles.


    Picture credit: theclothes.blogspot.com

    Protect your ears and neck with hats and scarves.


    Picture credit: artfire.com

    Fragrant Aura:

    Complete your summer ensemble with a fragrance that keeps the mosquitoes away. Instead of using chemical repellents, try Aromaflage, a botanical fragrance and insect repellent.

    Aromaflage comes in two editions: Classic and Wild. Wear it for a bug-free summer.

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