June 13, 2017


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  • Happy Father's Day

    He watched in joy as you took your first steps. Taking you out to the park, he held your hand as you walked beside him. He bought you your first bicycle, and ran alongside you as you wobbled unsteadily attempting to learn how to ride without training wheels. When you turned sixteen, he gave you the keys to his car and sat beside you as you learned how to drive. 

    He was your guide to the outside world.

    This Father's Day, spend the day outdoors with your dad.

    Go Fishing:

    It was more than a decade ago. In the still waters of the lake, a father and his child sat in their boat, fishing rods in hand, waiting for a nibble. You learned the value of patience that day. 

    Pick up your rods this father's day and head out to the waters. Enjoy some solitude together - let nature be your bond.

    Go Camping:

    It was in the middle of the night. As you sat in front of the fire, your father told you about the fearsome beasts that prowled in the shadows. Coyotes, wolves and bears. You had nothing to fear as long as he was around. In the morning, he showed you how to make those coals turn into a hot fire for bacon and eggs. To use a compass and map. To whittle with a swiss-army knife. To survive. 

    Pack your bags and head out to the woods. You have stories to tell him now. Even if you rent a cabin, get out there together.

    Go Golfing:

    It was a rite of passage. For years you caddied for him, watching him as he played the gentleman's game. When you grew up and became a man, he gave you his favorite clubs. Now, it's a pleasure to get out there and compete together.

    Challenge him to a game. There can only be room for one champion in your family!

    Go Wild:

    Gift your father Aromaflage Wild, a natural insect repellent and botanical fragrance that reminds him of the woods. It smells like the great outdoors and adventure. Let the memories linger.

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