May 30, 2017


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  • Hello June - DIY Summer Projects For Your Home

    Hello June - Aromaflage

    Yes, the time has come: spring turns into summer. There is a fresh warmth in the air. If spring heralds the beginning of outdoor season, summer celebrates it.

    It's time to get your house summer-ready.

    Prepare the Patio:

    Since you're hopefully going to be spending a lot of time outdoors entertaining friends and family, try to prepare a unique seating and standing area for your guests. Add a cozy atmosphere to the outdoor entertaining area with a wooden patio.

    Aromaflage Patio

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    Let There be Light:

    Make pathways in your garden that can be visible at night. Maybe even add a little special spray paint to the stepping stones with glow in the dark paint!

    Aromaflage Lighted Path

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    Up your Movie Game:

    Try using an outdoor projector, large screen and a sound system.

    Aromaflage Movie Screen

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    De-bug your Yard:

    It's also bug season. Mosquitoes and other bugs are unwelcome visitors at your outdoor parties (but keep those dragonflies around as they are friends).

    Use Aromaflage for a natural mosquito repellent that also doubles up as a botanical fragrance. Keep Aromaflage handy for your guests and enjoy a bug-free summer experience.

    Aromaflage 10ml

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