Picnic Season: Baskets, Blankets & Bug-Free

Picnic Season: baskets, blankets, & bug free

The land bursts with color. There's the warm yellow of the morning sun, the verdant green of the grass and the earthy brown of the soil. Picnic season has arrived.

That also means it's bug season unfortunately. Mosquitoes and other unwelcome visitors wreak havoc at picnics and cookouts. That's no reason, however, to avoid outdoor parties. Here's how you can stay bug-free this season.

Fan out:

Mosquitoes are weak fliers and a steady airflow can keep them at bay. Put up fans to clear mosquitoes out of the area.

Depending on the type of outdoor party, you can use a floor fan, table fan or even a box fan.

Light right:

Light attracts bugs. The veranda lights at your cookout can bring in a lot more bugs than you expect.

Bug lights help in keeping the bug population low during outdoor parties. Using bulbs that emit a yellow tinted light, bug lights don't kill or repel bugs but merely attract a lesser number of bugs in comparison to other lights.

Trap & zap:

Bug zappers use ultraviolet light to attract bugs and then kill them with a low voltage current. However, bug zappers are more effective in attracting and killing other kinds of insects and not so much in the case of mosquitoes.

Cover up:

While it's tempting to put on your summer clothes during the picnic season, the areas of exposed skin are prone to get bitten by mosquitoes. Since the feet are especially vulnerable, wear socks to prevent bites.

Spray safe:

In addition to these precautions, use Aromaflage to stay bug-free. Aromaflage and Aromaflage Wild are botanical insect repellents that are effective alternatives to DEET and Citronella. Creating a shield around your skin, Aromaflage repels mosquitoes and other bugs.

Aromaflage also functions as a botanical fragrance making it the perfect companion for the picnic season.

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