May 16, 2017


  • The fragrance that does both


                            Sleep Commercial                                            2-in-1 fragrance + bug repeller                        The Bug Spray That Smells Nice
  • The allure of al fresco dining & fresh scents

    Aromaflage Al Fresco

    Outdoor season is upon us. Dining al fresco, surrounded by lush gardens and lovely views, has a charm of its own. The scents of nature enhance our experience and freshness is in the air.

    Blend in with nature with your favorite natural fragrance.


    During summer’s balmy days, you often put on your hat and shades to head out to a seaside restaurant. As you anticipate the seasonal delicacies, you look forward to experiencing divine, fresh flavors. “Let’s hear the specials,” you ask excitedly.

    Aromaflage is the scent of summer in a bottle. Cedar wood, orange and vanilla. It rouses you. You feel alive.

    Aromaflage Wild:

    In the mellow days of spring, you step out into the patio of the restaurant. It's surrounded by a lush garden with a view of the streets below. It’s salad season, you decide. You lean into your salad and take a deep breath. The aroma takes you over. It reminds you of the Mediterranean.

    Aromaflage Wild. It's a woodsy and spicy fragrance. It fills you with the explorer's spirit.

    Aromaflage Sleep:

    In the tranquil nights of autumn, you lie under the stars. You hear the trees rustling in the wind around you as their leaves begin to turn bright, magnificent colors. It's camping season and it's time for dinner around the fire.

    Aromaflage Sleep. It's a blend of French lavender, Brazilian rose and Madagascar vanilla.

    Experience the best sleep you've had in years and wake up rejuvenated.

    Bon appétit!

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